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Our Robot
What started as a fun collection of recycled metal robots, created by @RobinDavisStudio, has turned into an allegory about production and life. Our branded products are individually Hot-Stamped by Humans using really cool Kensol-Franklin machines. Robots represent the idea of mass printing by programmed computers that remove the human element. So here at GoGoPak, since our humans are working, our Robot gets to have all the fun. GuruPak explores, & provides us with infinite wisdom, and reminds us about the dignity of hard work. GuruPak, an Introduction

GoGoPak. Run by Humans. Inspired by Robots.

GoGoPak hails from the North where brother and sister team, Gene and Christine began in 2010, equipped with over 30+ years of combined experience in the packaging and printing world. Our services include lending this expertise and working together with customers to determine packaging solutions with the goal of Building Brand Recognition. Check out our video: A History of Hot-Stamping
GoGoPak started in Oakville, Ontario Canada where our home office, GoGoPak.ca, continues to service Canadian customers out of Woodstock, Ontario.
In 2018, we had the opportunity to acquire some Rigid Box & Hot-Stamping machines from a company in Buffalo, NY and grow our business in America. We found the perfect space to house these machines in the historic Harrison Place, in Lockport, NY. We are super proud to be a part of the vibrant Lockport community! We have expanded our production in just one year with a growing collection of hot-stamp presses and rigid box production machines ready to serve your packaging needs.

GoGoPak offers a spectacular collection of earth friendly products made local. It has always been our mandate to source recycled and reusable products made domestic in either USA or Canada.

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We're located in the cool city of Lockport, NY!

GoGoPak USA, Inc. (This is our Manufacturing & Distribution location. There is no store or walk-in trade. We do not offer pick ups from this location)
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